Monday, January 6, 2020

Caleb Had Gotten Knocked Out Because Of The Pain - 1904 Words

Caleb had gotten knocked out because of the pain. Come on fucking lift this shit! Toby yelled. They had finally lifted it after about 15 minutes of struggling. Noel drug Caleb out. He checked his pulse. Shit he s dead, Noel said. Hanna collapsed on his side. Oh god Caleb, I m so sorry I didn t protect you, Hanna yelled, sobbing into his shirt. She looked up into the sky and yelled at the top of her lungs. â€Å"Please baby...come back.† I was just kidding! Noel started laughing everyone stared at him with daggers. Toby stood up and punched him square in the jaw. What the fuck Toby?! He clenched his jaw for a second. Don t fuck around like that Noel! Toby screamed at the slightly shorter boy. Noel wiped the blood off of his bottom lip with the back of his hand. â€Å"You’re gonna regret that.† Noel challenged. Toby smirked at him. â€Å"I’m right here, come at me.† â€Å"Both of you shut the fuck up! You can deal with your shit later. Caleb is hurt, and Ezra is missing!† Aria interjected. â€Å"And Ezra...he might not even be alive.† Spencer rubbed her shoulder in support. â€Å"Ezra will be fine, he’s a smart guy,† Spencer stressed. Not believing the words that she was telling herself. Aria simply nodded. We re gonna need to keep his ribs compressed, Emily lifted his shirt up and felt his side. There s no broken ribs. They re cracked, and I guess it knocked him out. Emily concluded. Everyone let breaths out of relief. Emily took her sweater off and wrapped

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